Welcome to House of Healing!  Consider this your online destination for all sorts of tips from Health & Wellness, to Fashion & Beauty, to Survivor Stories.  There is a lot of focus on anti-cancer here, but this is a place for anyone seeking to feel happy, healthy, and whole.  Whether you have experienced suffering from illness, tragedy, or just life-in-general, House of Healing is for you!  This a place for healing body, mind, and spirt.  

The idea of House of Healing came about from piecing myself together after a long, arduous road of treatment for breast cancer.  I was left scarred in many ways, but I also found myself smarter.  Smart enough to know that we need better prevention strategies, better treatments, and better survivorship. Better life after cancer. #ScarredButSmarter 

Knowledge is power, and you can arm yourself with bunches of it here.  With every story shared, someone somewhere learns something new...and that can create a critical mass of positive change.  Here, you will find wellness information alongside stories of perseverance.  I hope the things you explore here will inspire you to choose fortitude over fear, grit over giving up, and laughing over lamenting.  #HouseOfHealing

"She will rise. With a spine of steel and a roar like thunder, she will rise." Nicole Lyons

"She will rise. With a spine of steel and a roar like thunder, she will rise." Nicole Lyons

About Natalie Holland

Though always interested in wellness, Natalie's passion for arming others with health and healing information was fueled by a breast cancer diagnosis.   Upon diagnosis at age 36, her oncologist recommended BRCA genetic testing.   He was rather certain that since she was young and otherwise 'healthy' with no family history that she would be BRCA positive.  When the genetic tests came back negative, Natalie asked her doctor how she developed caner.  He suggested that it had to be something environmental. This set in motion a frenzy of research by Natalie on rising cancer rates and the link to environmental causes which eventually resulted in the book, "Scarred but Smarter: A Cancer Memoir & Get Healthy Manifesto".  The book explores what a cancer diagnosis is like for a young adult amidst a busy life with kids and an often-deployed husband.  She reveals that being faced with challenging and unchanging circumstances while being pressed from all sides actually gives us an opportunity for immense personal growth. “Scarred but Smarter: A Cancer Memoir” is full of honest insights, humor through dark moments, practical tips, and life lessons. Extending beyond the personal experience of cancer, it also explores the toxic load we all face in our daily lives through our food and personal care products which threaten our health and offers solutions for reducing that load.  It has become Natalie's passion to arm others with the knowledge they need to make informed choices about their health. 

Natalie is wife to David - mom to daughters Maggie, Sarah Jayne, and Genevieve - mom to fur babies Tank and Astro.  She is a pilates teacher and a registered yoga teacher.  She holds a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics and an MsEd in Science Education.   Natalie loves using yoga, pilates, nutrition education, and self-care techniques to help others create sustainable wellness in their lives.