Natalie is truly a highlight of my week. She is so warm and wise; there is a comfortable we’re-in-this-together
sense of humor about her, and we always, always end up laughing about life. It can be so hard, and so ridiculous,
and so rich. Natalie gets all of that. She is one of my favorite people and I am truly grateful that she’s in my world!
— Annie

“I started working with Natalie to add some variety to my regular workout routine, which was strictly yoga. Not only have I seen physical improvements from our sessions, but the work we do in Pilates has strengthened my yoga practice. And, as an added bonus, Natalie is a walking health encyclopedia who through casual visits has introduced me to some phenomenal health and wellness tips!”
— Cami

I have tried over the counter products for sleep, all having their own degree of ineffectiveness and problems. As soon as I began stilling the thinking mind in Nidra with Natalie, I have been able to sleep without products for the first time in years. Nidra works - and especially with Natalie’s unique voice and her open, warm heart.
— L

Natalie is a true gem! Since practicing Yoga Nidra with her and applying tips from her vast knowledge of nutrition, my migraines have greatly reduced. I am now more mindful of my body because of her!
— Kelsey

One of the finest Pilates instructors I have ever trained with..Natalie brings a wide range of knowledge and creates fun and challenging workouts...she is also an excellent teacher and able to explain and demonstrate the exercises is a safe an thorough manner. I would recommend her to anyone interested in Pilates on any level!
— Francesca

After doing Pilates classes for years, I started with Natalie doing private sessions and have loved the results! It has now been a few years of privates with Natalie and I have learned so much, especially how to listen to my body and what it is trying to tell me. Natalie tailors the session to whatever my body is needing at the time. She takes the time to really listen to her clients and then takes the additional time to formulate a plan that addresses the client’s issues. Natalie will incorporate more than just Pilates in the sessions. Based on what I need, Natalie has included the foam roller when I’ve had cramping in specific muscle groups, stretching after weeks with a lot of running, and even yoga nidra when my body needed to rest. Natalie is an important part of my overall health – she is the best!
— Julie
I have known Natalie for over seven years, and within those years Natalie has taught and helped me to regain strength and endurance. When I first began with Natalie, I could barely get down onto my mat by myself, yet she worked with me in a way that I could understand and connect in the class, through an individual plan. I always told myself that I didn’t have time to take care of myself, but because of Natalie, I can proudly and happily say, that I am a new, changed, healthier person thanks to her. I can even sit criss cross and do yoga with her! She has been my health and wellness mentor for four years, and I cannot wait for more to come.
— Heather